This was a fun online photo contest! Looking forward to this year’s contest!

movita beaucoup

UPDATE: WINNER DECLARED! Michelle’s Gingerbread Snow Globe will be moving on to the Ginger 2012 Finals! Congrats, Michelle! And thanks to all of the Group 3 competitors – you’ve made this holiday season just a little bit sweeter…

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Look so yummy!

movita beaucoup

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snowball cookies | movita beaucoup

How’s about a little baking school update? I’m on a new team – there are four of us. We’re basically the Spice Girls. There have been some oven mitt hive-fives and baking success all round. In the past three weeks we’ve learned to make: pain au levain, pain rustique, pain pugliese, ciabatta, gluten-free baguettes and flatbread, gluten-free muffins and cakes, sweet dough, bagels, pretzels, english muffins and pizza dough. It has been epic fun. Next week, we hit the Station of Dread. I don’t know what happens over there but there have been tears and a LOT of cursing. Yikes.

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I’m a full time employee (ugh)


My weeks are usually fairly dull – get up, go to work, come home, go to bed, repeat. This week was more of the same, including the usual bitchy bitch bitching of my co-workers. I work in a very (VERY) small office (one room of cubicles) – nothing is sacred. That being said – I work with some rather unique individuals – I’m the type of person who could really care less about what other people are doing – I go to work, do my job to the best of my ability and leave.

I know that we all work with interesting people, but in a small office it’s really really REALLY hard to hide from them! Trust me I’m not perfect and I probably have some office qualities that others don’t appreciate…but I need to get this off my chest…give me an Amen! if you agree!

Of course most offices have at least one temp – we have 2! Both are nice enough, but one woman is as wide as she is tall and is the quietest person you could ever meet! I don’t know how she does it, but she can leave an office with squeaky floors without making a sound – pretty stealthy if you ask me!

Then there is the fat pregnant woman – overweight to begin with but her biological clock was ticking and she chose to get pregnant before losing weight. I’m a round girl myself, but I don’t make fat jokes at my own expense – this woman does…and expects me to laugh along with her like we’re fat sisters. I feel bad for her unborn child who is living on the sustenance of cookies, cupcakes and ramen noodles for breakfast…if this baby isn’t born diabetic it will be a miracle!

And EVERY office has the complainer! The one whose negativity enters the room before she does. Our tiny office has one and she is making me absolutely bat-shit crazy! This woman puts one foot over the threshold and lets out a HUGE “sigh!” It’s crazy! AND she’s is bitching up a storm before even removing her coat! SERIOUSLY?! (I know, I know and now I’M bitching about her!) I won’t even go into a diatribe about her proclivity to bitch – I’ll save that for another post! (along with my hugely passive-aggressive boss with her tattling sidekick).

The one saving grace in this office of strange is a girl in her late 20’s – she’s tall, model pretty and pregnant with her first. She is lovely on the outside and inside. In a sea of incompetent, complaining co-workers she is a ray of hope for this old lady. She has the same work ethics as I do, works hard, rarely complains and makes me laugh as we text about the office idiots so that nobody can hear or even know we are doing so – all the while working our asses off to be able to keep up with our workload.

I know that I shouldn’t complain and be thankful that I have a job…there are many out there who don’t…but if I have to work I guess I should allow myself a little complaining – right?! Ask my Facebook friends – they “listen” to me all the time!

But being a full time employee who works 4 – 10 hour days – this gives me a 3 day weekend EVERY week – and allows me to chill and do what I enjoy most – baking, relaxing with my family and my new obsession – making jewelry.

Have a great weekend all!



Hello FB world!


So I’ve never been much of a writer. I’m not one to keep a journal. You won’t see my name on a book of poetry. I do however find Facebook fascinating. It’s a place to put what you’re feeling at any moment in the day. It’s a place where people either agree with you or think you’re an ass. It can be a comforting place, it can also be disturbing. I’ve reconnected with old friends and met some new friends. I’ll admit it – I love posting to my Facebook wall. I love it when people LOL at my comments or silly thoughts or “like” my mobile uploads from my iPhone (and that’s a whole other story!)

So my friends I am going to give blogging a try. I may blog once a week, but then again I may not have anything to say for a month. Those of you who know me can stop laughing now…

So if you like what I have to say let me know. And if you don’t – let me know too!